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35753 Cedar Boulevard

Newark, CA  94560

Main:  510-818-3202

Attendance: 510-818-3204

Fax:  510-794-0113


Julie Calderon

Office Manager/


Paula Cioffi

Bridgepoint High School Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Integrate a challenging curriculum that motivates students to stay in school, reach their full potential and become life long learners.

Bridgepoint High School Vision Statement


The purpose of Bridgepoint High School and its vision is to meet the unique personal and educational needs of each student based on the belief that every student can be successful in an academic setting.  This vision and corresponding beliefs can be demonstrated by:


  • Providing a variety of alternative and educational opportunities necessary for students to acquire knowledge and skills in a safe, disciplined, and supportive environment.  
  • Seeking to develop the values of responsibility and respect for oneself which leads to productive citizenship and lifelong learning.
  • Seeking to provide opportunities to correct academic deficiencies, improve attendance, improve behavior and encourage career paths. 
  • Keeping students in school and encouraging all students to graduate.

Bridgepoint High School

Bridgepoint Staff

Bertolani, Linda (510) 818-3200 ex.3246 Sp Ed Aide
Bolima, Randie (510) 818-3204 Campus Monitor
Calderon, Julie (510) 818-3201 Principal
Cioffi, Paula (510) 818-3202 Office Manager
Davi, Danielle (510) 818-3207 RSP Teacher
Hess, Tim (510) 818-3218 PE Teacher
Keith, Sara (510) 818-3722 English/Electives Teacher
Kiaski, Kathy (510) 818-3246 Sp Ed Aide
MacMillan, Scott (510) 818-3209 Custodian
Morales, Erica (510) 818-3208 Academic Counselor
Sexton, Debbie (510) 818-3724 Science Teacher
Shepherd, Janay (510) 818-3227 ROP Teacher
Smith, Valerie (510) 818-3222 English/ElectivesTeacher
Stoeber, Vida (510) 818-3217 English, ESLTeacher
Sung, Mike (510) 818-3246 TALL Program Teacher
Tiano, Jon (510) 818-3219 Algebra Teacher
Wall, Marty (510) 818-3712 Wrld Hist, Soc Sci, Econ & US Gvt Teacher
Yaqubi, Nasrin (510) 818-3200 ex.3246 Sp Ed Aide

Carta para padres sobre examenes

Fire Work Safety 2018

This year marks the 28th year of this Statewide Fireworks Safety and Education Program. Last year we distributed almost 1 million safety brochures and hundreds of videos in school districts throughout California. As a result, last year there were even fewer problems and 2018 may go down as one of the safest 4th of July's in recent California history.

This year, we are pleased to present to you for your consideration and order the following “free” materials:

  1. “Don't Get Burned” Brochure on the dangers and safety risks posed by illegal fireworks as well as the legal consequences that an individual can suffer. (This has been recently revised to reflect changes in state law, which took effect January 1, 2008)
  2. “Don't Get Burned” Safety Video designed to educate all ages on the dangers and safety risks posed by the use of illegal fireworks as well as the legal consequences that an individual can suffer.
  3. “Celebrate Safely” Brochure on the safe and responsible use of State- Approved fireworks.
  4. “Celebrate Safely” Safety Video that offers common sense precautions and safety measures parents and their families should follow when using State- Approved fireworks.
Fireworks 1.jpg
Fireworks 2.jpg
Fireworks 3.jpg
Fireworks 4.jpg
Fireworks 5.jpg

District Teacher of the Year Coach Hess

2018 State Testing schedule

CAASPP schedule for testing:


April 17 and 18 ELA testing: 11th grade

April 24 and 25 Math testing: 11th grade

May 8, 2018 California Science test (CAST): 12th grade



9:30 - 9:50 Test Preparation (student movement/log in/test prep instructions)

9:53 - 10:08 Brunch

10:11 - 12:17 Summative Testing

Great American Smokeout 2017

A Boss' Day Surprise

Newark Days 2017

Graduation 15-16

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This is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university throughout the nation by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission, graduation, and retention rates.   I believe this type of information is very valuable to today's students who are not only dealing with the competitive nature of higher education but also the rising cost associated with them.