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Student Attendance Agreement



The following is a list of positive reinforcements and necessary consequences for attendance and behavior at Bridgepoint High School:


PERFECT ATTENDANCE A student who completes a month of school with no absences and no more than two total tardies.


GOOD ATTENDANCE  A student  who completes a month of school with no more than one excused absence and no more than two total tardies.





Students with perfect/good attendance will be rewarded with a certificate.


One cut, being kicked out of class, or having a period(s) dropped will automatically excluded a student from any attendance award.



can be earned by good attendance, a positive attitude and academic achievement.


Students selected as students of the month will be given a day off school with credits and a field trip at the end of  each quarter during which they have been student of the month.




If a student does not regularly attend his/her scheduled classes, letters and phone calls will go home.  You will be placed on a contract as determined by the Bridgepoint High School staff and your parent/guardian.


If you continue to attend less than your regularly scheduled classes one or more of the following consequences will take place:


            1)         Additional phone calls and letters will go home.

            2)         You may lose your place in one or more classes.          

            3)         No work permit.

            4)         No ROP classes.

            5)         You will be placed on “B” Schedule.

            6)         You will not graduate on time.

            7)         Will not be allowed to participate in school activities





A productive hour may be made up by attending “B” Schedule for 45 minutes.

Bridgepoint encourages students to make up both excused or unexcused missed class periods by attending “B” Schedule.  This is also a valuable time to receive tutoring and work on extra credit.





Students who are not participating regularly and not behaving appropriately in the classroom may be assigned to “B” SCHEDULE by the action of the Student Study Team.  Students are provided with daily direct instruction and 3 hours of school work.  Students may complete work on site and complete the remaining work at home.  All work is to be turned into the teachers the following day.  Students will remain on “B” SCHEDULE until regular participation is achieved.


Students who do not participate regularly in “B” schedule and demonstrate no improvement concerning attendance, grades or credits will be exited from school for the remainder of the quarter.  Students may enroll at the beginning of the next quarter  on probationary  status.